No news is good news - should run Mastodon instance?

There have not been any major updates about this xmpp server so I was playing around with Mastodon which I always really liked but never tried, until now.

22-01-2023 - 0 minutes, 39 seconds -

The reason why there have not been any news about this xmpp serer is simple: There are just no major updates or any changes which are worth talking about. Everything is running fine and smooth.

For a really long time I had an eye on Mastodon so I decided to try to run my own instance. At the moment I am not 100% sure if everything is running fine and if someone would be interested in another Mastodon instance (without a fancy short domain name). So here is a poll, I would like to know your idea.

Feel free to sign up but please see this as a kind of beta status. I will have to accept your registration because I don't want people thinking this is a 100% perfect server signing up.