Welcome to pimux.de xmpp server

Secure communication

Looking for a secure way to communicate without being watched by companies or government?

You just found it! With pimux.de xmpp server you can join a decentralized and federated network based on an open protocol.

Privacy friendly

You don't like being tracked?

Yes, you should not like that! The xmpp network doesn't belong to a single instance and is federated all around the world. Thousands of servers run by thousands of people make this possible. This server does not log your IP address, files and messages older that 30 days will be deleted automatically.

Choose you app

Android, iPhone, Linux, Windows, Mac?

There are multiple apps for every platform. Take a look at xmpp.org for a list of clients per platform.


Please check the blog for latest updates.


Registration via web is disabled since 7th of July 2024 due to growing number of spam accounts. Get your invitation link here!

Server status

Check the status page for server health: https://uptimekuma.finnchristiansen.de/status/pimux