About pimux.de

Terms of service

I will do my best to keep this server running. Do not abuse this server in any kind, otherwise regarding accounts will be blocked or IP addresses will be banned.

Server information

  • free of charge
  • running since January 2016 (Jan 31)
  • no In-Band registration via app but via web
  • powered by Debian 12 Bookworm
  • running Prosody 0.12
  • Hosted at netcup in N├╝rnberg, Germany
  • LUKS disk encryption
  • messages and files are stored for 30 days
  • maximum upload file size is 1 GB
  • upload limit: 10 GB per day
  • TOR hidden service address: 2n3tvihf4n27pqyqdtcqywl33kbjuv2kj3eeq6qvbtud57jwiaextmid.onion (Port 5222 / XMPP c2s)

Supported XEPs:

  • XEP-0016: Privacy lists
  • XEP-0030: Service Discovery support
  • XEP-0045: Multi-User Chat
  • XEP-0049: Private XML storage for clients
  • XEP-0054: vCard storage for user profiles
  • XEP-0065: SOCKS5 Bytestreams (Proxy)
  • XEP-0115: Entity Capabilities
  • XEP-0138: Support for stream compression on C2S and S2S links
  • XEP-0157: Contact Addresses for XMPP Services (Abuse)
  • XEP-0163: Personal Eventing Protocol
  • XEP-0191: Blocking Command
  • XEP-0198: Stream Management
  • XEP-0206: XMPP Over BOSH
  • XEP-0215: External Service Discovery (STUN / TURN)
  • XEP-0220: Dialback support for server-to-server identity verification
  • XEP-0280: Message Carbons
  • XEP-0313: Message Archive Management
  • XEP-0352: Client State Indication
  • XEP-0357: Push Notifications
  • XEP-0363: HTTP File Upload (max 1 GB)
  • XEP-0368: SRV records for XMPP over TLS
  • XEP-0384: OMEMO Encryption
  • XEP-0398: User Avatar to vCard-Based Avatars Conversion

Or just have a look at https://compliance.conversations.im/server/pimux.de/


  • IP adresses are not being logged by prosody
  • inactive accounts are being deleted after 1 year