Fighting the Spam!

I receive a lot spam via XMPP and wanted to block some servers - but first I wanted to tell the server operator and have a look at some statistics.

18-02-2023 - 1 minute, 48 seconds -

My blocklist as spam indicator

While looking at the number of blocked accounts I got shocked, it was 1022 accounts from 71 different servers or domains. Because some of the server operators perhaps already figured it out I only wanted to have a look at accounts which I have blocked this year: 158 accounts on 34 domains.

Using the blocked accounts as an indicator for spam works for me because I never had to block someone for other reasons. For sure I do not want to blame any of the operators or admins for this, probably there are even some spam accounts no If so, please let me know! Making the registration process on more bot-safe is definitely on my Todo-list!

Here is a list of the domains I found (2023 only)

 18 ✅
 17 ✅
 14 ✅
 10 ⏰
 10 ❓
  9 ⏰
  8 ❌ 
  8 ✅
  7 ✅
  6 ✅
  6 ✅
  5 ⏰
  4 ✅
  3 ✅
  3 ⏰
  3 ⏰
  3 ✅
  2 ✅
  2 ✅

Legend / Info:

✅ got positive feedback

❌ got negative feedback or no feedback after long waiting time

⏰ waiting for response, sent message

❓ I can't find admin / operator / support

(empty): did not have the time to contact support yes

Contacting the admins or support

I will try to let the admins of all servers know about this problem and track my progress here.

11. February

I contacted the support of (which offer the domains, and, too) and got a quick response, thank you for that great effort! The accounts got deleted and they are aware of this problem and looking for a better captcha solution. Great job!

Sending a message via XMPP to admin of failed, sending email failed, too (mailbox full).

17. February

Got a positive response from (includes,,,,, most of the accounts already have been detected and deleted. They are actively fighting spam accounts.